“All that is necessary for evil to flourish, is that good people do nothing”.
Evil - having bad moral qualities, wicked, perverse, causing pain, harmful, injurious.


The exploitation children suffer at the hands of the people of the tobacco industry lasts a lifetime, an unhealthy lifetime of addiction and disease and early death.

Disturbing Facts:

  1. Almost 4000 children smoke for the first time every day.
  2. 60% of smokers start by age 13.
  3. The average starting age for smokeless tobacco users is 9.
  4. This addiction is so strong that only 7 out of 100 addicts will ever be able to quit.
  5. Almost half will die from tobacco related diseases.
  6. For every person who dies from a tobacco related disease, 20 more people suffer with at least one serious illness from smoking.


Recent research has shown that only two things will stop young people from trying tobacco, peer opinion and knowledge of tobacco industry behavior.

Educate all children about tobacco industry behavior. Organize tobacco prevention classes in your children’s schools, clubs, sports groups and churches.

Young people are smart! Show them the truth, and they will become opinion leaders and peer educators in your community.